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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abandoned Raleigh House gets the Green Treatment


Liz Bowen
GreenTech Consulting, Inc.
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Raleigh, NC, April 17, 2009 — On Tryon Road, between Lake Wheeler and Gorman Street sat a dilapidated property built in the 1960’s in need of many repairs. Hemant Sura, the principal of GreenTech, saw the potential in the property and fully renovated the building for water use reduction, indoor air quality, and improved energy efficiency and quality of life for its future occupants. Over 70% of the waste from the renovation was recycled and the home features a solar hot water heating system and a living roof.

Energy efficient renovations of existing homes makes a huge dent in carbon emissions. A 2008 California study showed that the many homes built before 1983 were responsible for 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions related to single-family envelope energy consumption. The study also revealed that retrofitting existing homes with energy-efficient features is four to eight times more carbon- and cost-efficient than adding further energy-efficiency requirements to new housing.

The GreenTech team carefully measured the green potential of the living space while weighing affordability. A solar hot water heater can pay for itself in 3 years and heats water using a clean renewable energy source- the light from the sun. New Energy Star rated appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, and light fixtures are included in the sale of the better-than-new home and they will be at least 30% more efficient on average- saving the occupants money every month. Added R-19 insulation, low-e Energy Star windows and doors, the living green roof, and efficient HVAC unit also add to energy savings. Other features such as zero VOC paints have a payback that is more difficult to measure, since they are measured by the short and long term health of the future occupant.

“We believe that the demand is in the market for high-performing healthy living spaces”, says Hemant Sura, principal of GreenTech “and that renovation of existing buildings is one of the most environmentally and socially responsible actions for North Carolina.”

GreenTech Investments is part of the GreenTech family of businesses. GreenTech Investments is committed to renovating poor performing buildings into highly efficient, affordable green homes and office spaces. GT Investments puts people to work, increases awareness of sustainable design, and provides affordable green homes & offices.



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