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Thursday, June 4, 2009

10 Climate Change Actions I'd like to See by Tomorrow

10 Climate Change Actions I Would Like To See By Tomorrow
reprinted from a June 4, 2009 article in Environmental Leader Magazine
by Kevin Tuerff, CEOGreen Canary Sustainability Consulting

Save Energy
1. Smarter Weatherization: Require weatherization service contractors receiving ARRA funds to train staff on home energy efficiency. Boots on the ground should provide comprehensive efficiency tips to homeowners after they seal the cracks and add insulation.
2. Pay it forward: Accelerate use of smart meters and power management, but do not pretend that information alone will reduce consumption. Budget for behavior change plans to make it popular to conserve.
3. Come together, save energy: Encourage utilities to work with industry to provide businesses and consumers with rebates for purchasing energy efficient equipment.
4. Reinvigorate recycling: Feds should prioritize byproduct synergy among manufacturers, restore U.S. recycling infrastructure with market development, and maximize federal recycled content procurement standards.

Save Water and Related Energy Use
5. A hand on the tap: Rapidly expand EPA WaterSense product certification and consumer branding.
6. Less thirsty lawns: De-couple federal funding for state and local water infrastructure with increased demand. Reward utilities for reducing water waste from outdoor irrigation.
7. Create a Water Prize: Just like the better battery idea, offer cash incentives for the best breakthrough water-saving technology for agriculture and manufacturing.
Climate Adaptation
8. The future is now, at least a little: Create a task force for climate adaptation, to help U.S. cities plan and budget for extreme weather, coastal erosion, climate migrations, etc.
9. Do not buy, share: Boost bicycle and car-sharing programs in every major metropolitan city.

Consumer Protection
10. Squash greenwashing: FTC should stop stalling on revisions to green marketing standards. Put them out. Enforce them.

Kevin Tuerff is CEO of Green Canary Sustainability Consulting and cofounder of EnviroMedia Social Marketing.

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