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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tour of GreenTech's LEED Platinum Project UNC Botanical Gardens under Construction THIS Weekend

GreenTech is pleased to invite friends, colleagues and clients to the UNC-Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens Center for a Triangle USGBC tour. GreenTech Consulting, in cooperation with Consider Design, provided electrical engineering services to the project which includes energy and water saving features such as: a geothermal heat pump system, a photovoltaic system, energy efficient lighting and controls, and rainwater collection.

Come meet GreenTech on site Saturday, May 23 @ 2:30PM and tour the UNC-Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens Center, designed for LEED Platinum, while it is still under construction. RSVP to nctriangleegb@gmail.com, and let them know if you need a hard hat or will bring your own.

In 2000, with support from a generous bequest, the Botanical Gardens staff launched the design of the Master Plan's Visitor Education Center by Frank Harmon, Architect, of Raleigh. The plan was approved by the State of North Carolina in 2003.

The new Education Center will express a sense of place and celebrate relationships between humans and nature through the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Open breezeways, comfortable porches, natural light in every room, beautiful native plant landscaping, and educational exhibits will inform, delight, and invite visitors to the Conservation Garden. The Reeves Multipurpose Auditorium and conference rooms will support the environmental, conservation, and horticultural community of our state and region. Most of all, the building will be a center of learning, teaching both the science and the enjoyment of plants and nature.

For more information, refer to the Botanical Garden's website at http://www.ncgb.unc.edu/

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